High Performance Computing Center
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Shiraz University
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Dr. Maryam Dehghani

Faculty of Civil and Env. Engineering Department

Email: dehghani_rsgsi@yahoo.com
Room: 205 eng. 1
Tel: 071-3613-3162

Dr. Pooyan Broumand

HPC center manager

Email: p.broumand@gmail.com
Room: 311 eng. 1
Tel: 071-3613-3045

Eng. Mohammad Eslaminejad

ITC manager

Email: ibd.min@gmail.com
Room: Amirkabir hall, Room 1.
Tel: 071-3613-3470

HPC Center Managers

HPC Center, 3rd Floor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Engineering School, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.